Digte, Militær, Personlig

One month left

Fandt også dette digt fra tiden i Kosovo – du må selv gætte, hvornår i forløbet det blev skrevet. Gav det til min efterfølger, som også skrev et til mig, men det kan jeg desværre ikke finde mere :(

One Month Left

6 months in Shitty Kosovo
This place can surely drive you mad
Crappy camp, crappy food, crappy TV
Boy, it really does make you sad
6 months with Herbert Grünemeyer on Deutsch MTV
I can recite the lyrics for “Mensch” by heart if you asked me

You work 7 days a week, your clothes is green
It doesn’t fit and it’s the most hideous colour I’ve ever seen

But I’ll be leaving soon and my successor will stay
She’s coming enthused, young and naive as I was
Poor girl is all can say
But she’ll soon realise what a fucked-up place this really is
And she’ll be thinking what I’m thinking now
Unless she’s truly messed up in her head
And ask if she can stay for another mandate

I just can’t wait to get back to see my friends and all I care about
Being with them is really what makes me feel happy and proud
Not standing tall receiving the NATO medal
By golly, it doesn’t mean a thing it’s only metal

We’ll party, play, go shopping or just watch decent TV
Or catch all the movies I missed being here on DVD

Oops, I guess I spend too much time writing this poem
I’d better stop before my superior officer finds out
He’ll have a field day sending me on and about
But watch out boys and girls, in 31 days I’m coming home!

Sgt. JJ Hansen
Kosovo 2003